Aqua Dulce - Flower Love, gold plated Earrings 10mm, Gold plated

    Earrings in 10 mm gold-plated silver, shaped like flowers, are an elegant jewelry choice. These earrings combine timeless beauty with a modern touch, making them perfect for both everyday wear and festive occasions. The gold plating gives them a warm and luxurious glow, while the zirconia stones add extra sparkle and elegance.

    The delicate flower design is meticulously crafted, with every detail created with precision to ensure they stand out as a beautiful piece of jewelry that complements any style. The 10 mm size is ideal, as it is discreet enough for daily wear yet striking enough to make an impression.

    These earrings can be worn alone as a subtle statement or combined with other jewelry for a fuller look. They also make an excellent gift idea for someone special who will appreciate their beauty and craftsmanship. With their classic design and modern finish, these flower earrings are a fantastic addition to any jewelry collection.

    • Stone Zirkonia
    • Material Gold plated silver
    • Type Earrings
    • Brand Aqua Dulce
    • Color White