Find beads and charms for your beads' bracelet at Perlen! Large selection of all popular beads and charms from major brands, including beads from OHM, Redbalifrog, True Beadz, Aurora Charm, Argo Studios and many more.
OHM - Path, brown slim glass bead
OHM - Lawn, green slim glass bead
OHM - Sun, yellow slim glass bead
OHM - Koi, orange slim glass bead
OHM - Mended Heart BOTM
OHM - OG Kun, silver bead
OHM - Gnome Chan, silver bead
Charms & Beads

I'm proud to introduce to you Europe's largest selection of charms and beads to adorn your bracelet with. Every charm brand represent a whole new world with each their own story, design, and materials. With a charm bracelet you can compose a whole life story on your bracelet with the fondest memoris throughout your life, starting from the first memories you can recollect. Close friends and family would also always have the option to choose the bead that suits your friendship the best or the love for each other.

All Charms and Beads in one place
In this category you can see all our beads in one place, for those who want to discover a new brand or tries to shake the habbit of looking at only the brands you are familiar with already, overlooking all the fantastic beads from smaller and lesser known brands.
In this category, with over 8000 different charms and beads, you can filter the selection in many different ways, for example if you only want to see all silver beads.
If you choose glass beads, you will get thousands of results, which is why I would recommend to also filter by colour to find just the right bead for you. 
Now you can also filter by all locks for beads bracelets, or for example all charms with gems, or what about all the rose gold plated beads, where you'd be surprised by how many there are?

Beads brands:
Here a bit of information about some of the brands we offer on our shop.

OHM Beads: OHM is an American company who celebrated their 10 anniversary in 2018. OHM beads is mostly known for their very different designs, who dares to push the limits and try out the wildest ideas imaginable, but of course also their very popular Bead of the Month beads, which as the name implies, has a new bead every month.

Beauty Beads: Beauty Beads is our in-house brand, inspired by nordic mythology, flowers, and the changing of the seasons. Many of the beads by Beauty Beads are less expensive than equivalent beads from other brands, as we don't have an expensive middleman. Beauty Beads offers a selection of: silver beads, glass beads, stone beads, and amber beads.
As something new, we also have some new ready to wear leather and stone bracelets.

Redbalifrog: Redbalifrog is designed and owned by Amanda Bazarow from Australia, who now lives in Bali. Here she both designs and creates her amazing silver beads, inspired by Balinese culture and nature. Redbalifrog has 4 new collection a year, with high attention to detail and relatively large silver beads.

Pandora: Pandora Charms is the most known brand and of course also the largest charms brand in Denmark and the rest of the world. I can only say that Pandora just has a way to do things right, both when it comes to design, craftsmanship, and marketing. Pandora produces charms in high quality and that past couple of years decorated their charms with many zirconia, giving their charms a feminine and beautiful look.

Elfbeads: Elfbeads is a brand from the Netherlands, who in 2013 was founded by Paul Kranz, who designed and made the silver beads for Elfbeads. Since then, Suzanna Slothbloom has joined him and she has contributed with her skills as a glass bead artisan. Elfbeads is today most known for all of their beautiful glass beads in a large variety of beautiful designs and affordable prices.


Eske Storm

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