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Pandora Jewelry History

The Danish company Pandora designs and makes their jewelry themselves and sell it in more than 100 countries all over the world to more than 7.800 dealers.
It all began in a small jewelry shop in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1982. Goldsmith Per Enevoldsen often travelled to Thailand with his wife Winnie to get jewelry and bring it back home to Denmark. Customers became very interested and that meant that they had to move to bigger offices.

Where did they start?

They began to design their own jewelry in 1987 when they got their own designer.
Two years later they decided to begin making the jewelry in Thailand where they often bought jewelry from. It was in year 2000 that their bracelets for charms was launched. That launch made it possible to enter new markets such as USA, Germany and Australia. Today they have more than 27.300 employees worldwide. 13.200 of them are working in Thailand.

The Jewelry mission

Pandoras mission is to inspire every woman to feel creative and to tell their individual story throughout their jewelry which is a perfect opportunity with their big range that makes is possible.
Pandora have made a bunch of silver beads that symbolizes family, the love for your mother and much more. These beads and charms are also the perfect gift to give to a friend or family member if they are the lucky owners of a Pandora bracelet.

If not, Pandora have made a headline on their website called “gifts” where you can find the perfect jewelry to give as a gift. They do not only have beads. You can also get different rings, necklaces and earrings in beautiful designs.

Pandora Disney

There is something for everyone and therefore it is possible to find something you like no matter what style you have. Aren't you into silver? Then it is fortunate that they also have lots of jewelry in gold. The very popular company have made multiple collections. For example, they have made a Disney collection with beautiful jewelry that represent different Disney characters.
They also have an animal collection, a travel collection and a garden collection inspired by the nature.

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