Redbalifrog - Big Blue

Let's dive into the deep, blue sea and explore the wonderful ocean-themed charms by Redbalifrog!
With these new charms you can design the most beautiful beach/summer theme bracelets. It's hard to pick a favourite from this collection collection, but if I must, I would have to pick the pearl. It's a very large, round and has a shiny colour varying from white to the grey spectrum, and some even a little pink. 
Redbalifrogs new pearl is not only larger than pearls from other brands, but it is also cheaper! 
Redbalifrog - Ombak the Whale
Redbalifrog - Sea Turtle Hatchling
Redbalifrog - Shelly Mix
Redbalifrog - White Sea Pearl
Redbalifrog - Mermaid Tail Pendant
Redbalifrog - Pearl & Starfish Bracelet
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