Beauty Beads - No Sun, No Moon larger double silver charm

    There is a joke..

    What is more important:
    - Sun or Moon?
    - Of course the Moon, it gives the light during nights. During days we don't need light :D

    It's of course just a joke, as both Sun and Moon are so important for the life on the Earth. They exist side by side, day and night and without any of them, the whole world would look different.

    We pay tribute to Sun and Moon with our new double No Sun, No Moon double charm created to celebrate our spring event!

    This beautiful larger charm doesn't only connect sun and moon but will help you to connect two of your bracelets for the whole new look. You can choose between two variations: with rubber o-ring or without. The first one is created for thinner bracelet and will help the charm to stay on the bracelet without sliding. If you are hesitating what one to get, just drop us a message.