Get a free gift card!

We here at Perlen always look for more to join our humble community of amazing customers. Seeing your wonderful photos of the packages you receive and reading all your happy messages is what we all live for here at Perlen. And this is exactly why we thought to ourselves: How can we spread more joy and love?

First of all, we wanted to give back something to our community while also letting more people know about Perlen. To do this, we're hoping you will join us in an adventure to spread the word of Perlen!

Simply put: Share a link to Perlen and we give you a FREE gift card with a value of 15 Euro. The person with the link with the most clicks additionally wins a gift card worth 275 euro! 

Of course there needs to be some boring rules though:
  • Only the first link you send us is eligible for a gift card, meaning there's max 1 gift card per person. You are of course welcome to send more than one link to improve your odds of winning the grand prize, but only your best link, and not all of them together, qualify for the grand prize.
  • The gift card cannot be combined with other discount codes on our store.
  • The gift card cannot be exchanged or refunded for money.
  • Your links cannot be placed on Facebook, Instagram or similar social medias. We would suggest blogs, forums and so on.
  • Since we are tracking the performance of where the links are placed, if anyone has put a link the exact same location, only the first person to email us that location qualifies for a gift card.
  • This event is available for 2 weeks. The winner of the grand prize will be announced on Facebook shortly after.
What are you waiting for? All you need to do to get your free gift card is to start linking to Perlen. Then you just send us an email at with a link to where you put your link and include "Gift Card" in the subject link. When we receive your email, we will do our best to reply as soon as possible with your personal gift card.

Good luck and remember to have fun!

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