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By Birdie jewelry

Handmade treasures from By Birdie with gold and diamonds.

The most beautiful, handmade jewellery designed by Birdie Wendelboe in Aalborg and produced in India.

The jewelry is made of sterling silver and 14 carats gold and generously decorated with genuine stones, diamonds and pearls.
The most beautiful, hand made jewelry design by Birdie Wendelboe in Aalbord and produced in a small workshop in India.
All Birdie jewelry are made of sterling silver with 14ct gold and genuine stones, as they for example would sprinkle diamonds on the jewelry. Theyoffers a nice balance between the raw and feminine, which was born from the fusion of nordic industry, the wisdom of the east, and the raw nature.
The jewelry and the style has an edge, and with its individual character, the brand has gotten much attention the past few years, both in Denmark and around the world.

By Birdie rings

Are you into rustic rings with an edge, then these are a good choice, as they are the quintessential rustic jewelry brand. These amazing rings are not as "pretty" as normal rings look, since they have more of a rustic surface and at the same time are full of character and edge.
All rings are made of silver, decorated in the good way with gold, and finally sprinkled with champagne coloured diamonds to a degree that matches the character of the individual piece of jewellery

By Birdie earrings

Browse all the beautiful earrings in black oxidized silver with lots of gold details by By Birdie. All made with a great touch for design.
Some of the By Birdie earrings are also with champagne coloured diamonds and large, beautiful fresh water pearls, matching perfectly the raw look that Birdie Wendelboe has.
See also the many new hoops in black oxidized silver with gold and champagne coloured, rosecut diamonds.

Pendants and brooches by By Birdie

Birdie Wendelbo has always been the strongest when it comes to rings, but they have begun to also make some exceptionally beautiful pendants.
The pendants are often inspired by nature with leaves and beautiful pearl pendants. By Birdie's pendants are like their other jewelry also made in black oxidized silver with gold and on some of them, they have chosen to decorate the piece with champagne coloured diamonds.