by bram

Imagine being in exotic places with these simple and colorful bracelets from by bram.
By Bram bracelets combine the classic design with a Bohemian style, achieving simple and elegant design with beautiful small details.

Jewelry with by bram

When we look at the beautiful colours in by brams jewelry we become as happy as get with sunshine and leaves on the trees.
The idea behind it is a combination of a classic design with the bohemian design.
This way, they create something simple and elegant with beautiful and innovative details.

All by bram jewelry has its own beauty, but looks especially good when they are combined.
They gets there inspiration from all over the world - All the way from the east where the colours and metals stand out a lot for someone here at home in tiny Denmark.

Bracelets and earrings by by bram

By Bram offers very simple bracelets in beautiful colour combinations with a mix of small pearls and tassles.
You can combine them to your desire. I often see them used in combinations with silver bracelets and gold bracelets to add a little colour.

The tassel earrings 

The earrings are made in beautiful colours and are available either in a single colour or a combination of beautiful colours, to reflect the colours in what you wear.
They are available in two different lengths, either 4 cm or 7 cm, to better meet your needs. The red and the yellow earrings by by bram are the most popular colours for the earrings.

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by bram - Orange and brown colored hoop earrings with small pearls
by bram - Brown small pearls bracelet
by bram - Pink pearl tassel earrings 7cm
by bram - Light red and red tassel earrings 7cm
by bram - Green and turqouise tassel earrings 7cm