ByBiehl jewellery

Welcome jewellery into your jewellery box, an excellent choice for the modern woman.
ByBiehl is a fashionable Danish jewellery collection designed by the goldsmith Charlotte Biehl. As Charlotte Biehl and her friends often talked about how there was a lack of high quality jewellery at good prices, there wasn't far from idea to action. Before Charlitte began her adventure of starting her own business, she worked as a consultant in a larger international company.

Necklaces by ByBiehl

One could also say that the necklace have earned them recognition both on the Danish market as well as the internationl market with their wonderful and inspirational designs. Among these, the Beautiful World necklaces with their amazing earth/globe pendant have become a huge summer hit, but also the ByBiehl TOgether My Love series with their small stick figures holding hands as a pendant, has also been very popular, especially since they speak to most people. All pendants and necklaces are made of silver or gold plated silver with zirconia.

Earrings ByBiehl

In this category with earrings you will also find some beautiful examples of Charlotte Biehl's DNA: Quality, simplicity, timelesness, and sophisticated design. Among others you will find some beautiful and very simple flower earstuds with a small pearl in the middle and the popular ByBiehl Signature earrings in silver or gold plated silver, which hang a bit low on the ear.

Beautiful ring design

I would like to highlight the ByBiehl Sparkle and my sparkle rings available in 2 different sizes, depending on what you prefer. The rings here are also made of silver, gold plated silver, or rose gold plated, decorated with zirconia on top.

Charm bracelets

These bracelets are incredibly comfortable to wear because there isn't anything that hangs down into the keyboard when sitting at the PC as you work or surf the internet. 
The bracelets are made of very soft leather with an elegant silver lock.

ByBiehl is a tasteful Danish series of jewellery with high quality. They are especially known for the beautiful world pendant in both silver and goldplated. Jewellery that never compromises on quality.