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Christina Watches & Jewelry

Christina Jewelry & Watches opens an entirely new watch and jewelry world. give you 10% discount on all products and accessories.
Christina Jewelry Watches gives you standard watches in top quality in many designs.

On top of that you now have the oppertunity of creating your own personal watch and bracelet combined.
Check out our large range of watches, straps, leather cords, topcases and genuine gemstones in our Christina collect categories. Don´t forget to take a look at the various charms for making a magnificent jewelry.

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Bracelets for charms

Team Christina Watches carries a large selection of delicious soft calfskin leather bracelets with magnetic locks in an incredible number of exciting colors.

Different silver or gold plated charms can be added to the bracelets, allowing you to design your own personalized jewelry.

All charms are made in silver or gold plated silver with topazes and zirconia. When choosing your charm bracelet, be aware that there are two models: a silver bracelet for the smaller charms and a leather bracelet for charms.

The Christina Watches Charms, for these two bracelets, cannot be combined, as the holes in the beads for the silver bracelet are a lot smaller than those for the leather bracelet.

Therefore, you always have to be sure which bracelet you want charms to, so you don´t get the wrong once.
Here we have made it a little easier for you and written after all the charms, what type of bracelet they fit.

Fashion earrings

After the success of watches, rings, necklaces and bracelets, the new jewelry series with earstuds and earrings has seen the light of day.

A brand new collection of earrings in silver or gold plated silver with enamel or genuine topazes.
Here are several choices - small hearts, crosses, flowers of different species and also earrings that hang with beautiful surfaces and designs.

Christina Watches earrings always follow the latest fashion and have a quality that is top notch.

Rings in silver or gold

See also the many beautiful rings from her studios, all designed to match the latest fashion.
Made of the highest quality and with real stones.

Here is the choice between gold plated rings and silver rings with stones or enamel in black or white and with genuine white topazes.

The rings can be combined in many different ways.

Here you can among other things put several rings together or next to each other and in this way play with the different surfaces and colors.

Smart necklaces with pendants

Want to put the last touch on your Christina jewelry?

So check out all these necklaces, all made from the best materials.

Here she offers the finest flowers, daisies with enamel, new zodiac pendants and of course a whole lot of beautiful hearts and crosses.

All her necklaces and pendants are made of genuine silver or silver plated with genuine topazes.
Lately I've seen, there are a lot of people who choose to wear 2 necklaces or maybe even 3 at a time where they hang underneath each other.

If you also want to adorn yourself in the same way, then these jewelry is a very good choice.
As they come with fairly long adjustable necklaces, they can be put exactly where you want.

Christina Bracelet Campaigns

Are you looking for a gift to give away, or do you want to pamper yourself with a jewelery on your wrist?
A delicious and unique bracelet, you will always find some good promotions here.

Save up to 65% on your starter bracelet.

The choice is between a leather bracelet with 1 charm and 1 stopper or a silver bracelet with 1 bead and 1 stopper.
The latest bracelets that have been added to these campaigns are 100% up to date on the latest fashion trends.
Here comes a bracelet with a tree of life pendant adorned with a climate-friendly diamond with associated earrings and necklace.
Furthermore, there is also a beautiful world campaign with a world pendant for the campaign bracelet, as well as earrings and necklace.

Christina jewelry on SALE

Here, the extensive jewelry collection is regularly updated to follow the latest trends in designs.
Therefore, there are ongoing replacements and the discontinued jewelry can be found here with up to 60% discount.

Here there is a lot of money to save on necklaces, pendants, earrings, charms and not least watches.
Check out our outlet for the many great deals and bargains.

Watches for ladies with style

Christina London Watches began her adventure in the jewelery industry with the very famous ladies' watches, filled with small diamonds in the dial.

Shortly after, she launched the Collection series.

Ladies watches where you can pop up your watch in many different ways:
Decorate the dial with small elements or diamonds, put charms on the watch's leather bracelets, or change the strap to other great colors.

All in all, the watches from designer Hembo offer a myriad of ways to always use his jewelry. One thing you can be sure of is that she always follows the mat no matter which way it goes. If you want to the Christina London diamond watches prices, click here.

Climate friendly diamonds

Christina has chosen to use climate friendly diamonds in some of her jewelry.

It's not a "regular" diamond, but a lab-created, climate-friendly diamond, but which has exactly the same characteristics as a "real" diamond.

The climate-friendly diamonds emit far less CO2 than when mining in mines. And it is certainly worth thinking about.

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