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Large selection of Christina rings

See the many beautiful rings from Christina Watches with new ones added all the time, since Christina Hembo is very skilled at renewing herself and following all the newest trends and gets inspired by her regular customers and her many trips both around the world but also in Denmark.

Christina has chosen that alle of her rings must be made in the highest quality, and that is why all rings are made in silver, goldplated silver, rosegoldeplated and as something new, also in black silver. The rings with gems, you can be sure are all genuine, as also with this, the quality is only the best and they have chosen white sapphires as gemstones.

Christina Watches

As some of the all new innovations are the exciting new Christina earrings at affordable prices and the new Christina necklaces, where you can now also get all the zodiacs as pendants.

The rings from Christina Jewelry are available in many different designs. Combine colours as you please - all gemstones are genuine and the rings themselves are made of silver.
In addition to the original silver and goldplated, the rings are now also available as rose gold plated and black rhodium plated.

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