Elfbeads Charms

Charms with fantasy, creativity and beauty in focus
Elfbeads offers a wide range of fabulous Beads in silver and glass, which match every european bracelet.
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Elfbeads Charms

A world of charms in all the colors of the rainbow

Buy 4 Elfbeads charms and get one for free.

This is the offer of the month from the Perlens web shop, so let your mouse explore this site and be amazed at the many beautiful models and colors.
Creativity is at the forefront when designing charms in the jewelery workshop at Elfbeads.

Here at Perlen you will find a great selection of the incredibly beautiful and unique beads in both silver and glass that give your imagination of free play.
You definitely fall for them, especially the glass charms are shining and sparkling in a sea of ​​colors  that almost takes you into the world of adventure.

Elfbeads span a wide range of beautiful silver and glass beads, suitable for all European bracelets.

Especially the many glass charms are absolutely beautiful, they shine and sparkle in a sea of ​​colors to give you the feeling of being part of the 1001 Night Adventure.The design is so creative and imaginative that it is almost impossible not to fall for them.

Elfbeads fit on the bracelets of all European charms.