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Enamel Jewelry

Beautiful, colourful, enamel jewellery for everyday life and celebration. ENAMEL is a series of jewellery in a simple design, which always follows the colour trend.

The jewellery is handmade in China or India in small shops, to whom the Designer Marie Rantzau has build up a good and professional relationship over the years.The colour combinationts and shapes are carefully chosen and always follows the latest trends.
Every piece of jewellery is hand made in China or India in small workshops, where Maria Rantzaus through the years has creat a close and very professional relationship with the many workshops.

The enamel process is incredibly extensive, demanding, and a very unique handcraft. Enamel is a fascinating material to work with, since there's almost no limits to the colour combinations and designs you can make. To achieve just the right finish for enamel jewellery, it takes many years of practice and experience.