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Julie Sandlau Jewelry

Julie Sandlau - Experience the selection of jewelry
Here you can find matching jewelry. All made of sterling silver or goldplated silver with most beautiful stones.
We are happy to introduce you the new jewellery brand on our page - Danish jewellery in it's best - Julie Sandlau.

Sofisticated and elegant jewellery created to match your day.
Julie Sandlau's signature items are beautiful earrings and rings with round stones in different vivid colors. You can always get a matching set or mix the color of earrings and ring the way it fits you.
You are the one setting the rules.
The collection also offers smaller earstuds with zirkonia, narrow bracelets and elegant pendants.

Danish Design Jewelry

Julie Sandlau is still moving forward in a safe style. The well-known 'Prime' series and "little sister", Pimini, will remain at the top. The simple, beautiful jewelry with a colored crystal is something that suits everyone, and whether you are for silver or gold plated.
So have you considered a beautiful set? - maybe with two primini rings, maybe a Poetry set with ring and earrings, or just different jewelry from the different collections, then now is the time to hit.

Isn´t she just fine?

Here you will find the perfect jewelry designs for the perfect night out.
Julie Sandlau has a very large collection of wonderful jewelry for ladies in all ages and especially the Julie Sandlau leaf collection is so beautiful. Everything is made in 925 sterling silver or gold plated silver with crystals in many different colors, depending of the time of the year.

Prime pendant in gold plated

One of the bestsellers from the Prime collection is this pendant with a wonderful dark blue crystal in gold plated silver. The crystal comes in 8mm or 10mm and fits all minor chains.

Julie Sandlau rings

Combine all your favourite rings with some of these lovely rings from Julie Sandlau. Stack them or combine silver with gold, all with beautiful stones. Make your own personal style.

Julie Sandlau pendants

There are so many pendants with colorful stones from Julie Sandlau, that it is hard to choose the right one.
With this weeks Julie Sandlau Offer, maybe not 1 pendant but 2 could find there way to your basket. Check everything out on our page and get in love!