Lulu Copenhagen

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LULU Copenhagen

Lulu jewellery is the newest of the danish jewellery brands at Perlenodense. We simply needed these cute ear studs and earrings in our shop!

The danish designer Lulu Copenhagen have their company in Copenhagen and make their jewellery from the concept "Less is Enough". They want the fun to stand out in their jewellery and as a new thing they offer, that you can buy only one earring and not only a pair as you are used to. Lulu believe, that we don't need more things in the world, that is not being used and we couldn't agree more! The popularity of having more than one earring is sky high and therefore is Lulu Copenhagens concept brilliant.
We urge people to use their jewellery and not just put them back in their jellwery box.

Lulu's Love

You can clearly see, that Lulu, jewellery of Copenhagen, has a love for the simple, men at the same time funny design. Do you have more than one piercing in your ear, this is definitely the danish brand to choose. Anything from hearts, ghosts and hashtags to donuts, boiled sweets and drinks, they have it! Only the imagination sets the limit for, what they design and you can only smile, when you see their awesome "Candy Shop" collection. See the selection of the Lulu Copenhagen right here.
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