LUNDD charms - Danish design

Lundd is a brand of jewelry with great respect for tradition, fashion and hand made jewelry.
Which not least attaches great importance to the quality of his designs.
The company is founded and owned by Henrik Peter Lundd, who has now started, in a whole new world of charms and beads to charm bracelets.
He is also the man behind all the designs in the company and he does not hide his great fondness for the Nordic mythology.

Vikings jewelry

If you are looking for a beautiful piece of jewelry that evokes memories of the Viking Age, then this jewelry is a very good choice.
As they can both be worn in a necklace or in a bracelet.
The jewelry from Lundd is probably what you might call unisex Viking jewelry, where gender, place and age have no bearing on who is wearing it.
LUNDD charms in silver for charm bracelets. Inspired by Danish mythology and history, these detailed charms each tell their own story. What story will your charms tell?