Mads Ziegler

Fashionable stone bracelets by Mads Ziegler

Do you want to join the trend of putting several thin and elegant bracelets together and create a whole art exhibition on your hand?
 Then stone bracelets designed by Mads Ziegler will be the right choice.

These simple bracelets at a low cost are made of genuine stones and have silver lock. You can choose if you want the lock to be sterling silver, oxidised or gold plated.
Some of the bracelets are also decorated with fine little beads that give a beautiful twist for these pretty bracelets.

Are you looking for the perfect, not expensive gift for a confirmand, student,  friend or just a little something for your beloved?  
Then these bracelets are the perfect choice because of multiple combinations in any possible ways.

Don´t forget that we provide Worldwide Delivery worldwide regardless the size of your order
Mads Ziegler - Onyx stone bracelet, silver
Mads Ziegler - Agate stone bracelet
Mads Ziegler - Brown hematite stone bracelet
Mads Ziegler - Pearls on a silver bracelet
Mads Ziegler - Lapis stone bracelet
Mads Ziegler - Hematite stone bracelet
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