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Marguerite and Daisy Jewelry

Large range of Marguerite jewelry from Lund of Copenhagen, made of sterling silver 925 and goldplated silver 925 with enamel.
Lund of Copenhagen took over the production from the jewellers who manufactured Marguerite jewellery shortly after the birth of Her Majesty Queen Margrethe 2nd.
The Marguerite jewelry Collection itself arose on background of the Daisy broach which Queen Ingrid often wore.

Marguerite - jewelry from Lund Copenhagen

A flower, a jewelry, a maiden name - the story of the daisies that came to name this very popular jewelry series goes back several generations to the Danish royal house.
Yes, even longer than until that day in May 1935, when the Swedish king Gustav ordered a Marguerit brooch at jeweler Carlman in Stockholm.
It was a beautiful piece of jewelry with hundreds of brilliant diamonds and rose stones, but it was also a wedding gift for his daughter.
Crown Princess Ingrid, who was dedicated that year to Danish Crown Prince Frederik.

The daisy was no random choice.

It was in memory of the Crown Princess's mother, Margaret of Sweden, who died in 1920, just 38 years old.
Her nickname was "Daisy", the English word for daisies.

The story of this unique piece of jewelry could have ended here, but it was not. Because when the young Danish crown prince couple, Ingrid and Frederik, get their first daughter in 1940, and gave her the name Margrethe.
Danish jewelers see the possibilities, and makes several Daisy series in silver with enamel.
Later, the gilded models has come to saty and the jewelry series is just as popular as when they were first put into production.

And the nickname Daisy - it's gone from grandma to granddaughter. When you meet the Queen on her way, she should be titled as:
Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II, or simply Your Majesty, but when the Danish people refer to their Queen, it is often like "Daisy".

Marguerite ring or earrings

Are you in doubt whether to choose one of the beautiful daisy ring or a pair of earrings from Lund Copenhagen?
Well, it is not easy, here I think: if it is a gift you have to give, then it is probably best with a pair of earrings, as here you are always sure of the size.
Here is just which size the earrings should be.
A lot of different sizes has come and the smallest ones start at 5.5mm, which are very small earrings and the larger ones are 25mm, which is quite large.
The traditional earrings and the ones we still sell most of are 11mm  gold plated silver earrings with white enamel.

- free shipping and fast delivery of all Marguerite jewelry from Perlen in Odense - beautiful bracelets, necklaces, pendants, earrings and rings.
- with 100% genuine enamel, made in traditional old fashioned manners.
Where you heat the enamel powder in an enamel oven and then "melt" the enamel into their respective holes.
This kind of enamel is like porcelain, but watch out.  Some jewelry manufacturers choose the easy solution and use some form of plastic instead.
Of course, it is cheaper

The very first jewelry was a broche with 238 diamonds and 444 rose stones, made by the jeweler Carlman in Stockholm.
Lund of Copenhagen later took over the production from the jeweler who made the daisy jewellery shortly after Queen Margrete's death in the year 1940.
It's worth mentioning that Anton Michelsen, Volmer Bahner (Who is today produced at Lund Copenhagen) and Bernhard Hertz.

Marguerite jewelry from Lund Copenhagen with genuine enamel in silver or gold plated silver - Daisy jewelry at the best prices online.
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