Lund Copenhagen

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Large range of Marguerite jewellery from Lund of Copenhagen, made of sterling silver 925 and goldplated silver 925 with enamel.  Lund of Copenhagen took over the production from the jewellers who manufactured Marguerite jewellery shortly after the birth of Her Majesty Queen Margrethe 2nd.
The Marguerite jewellery Collection itself arose on background of the Daisy broach which Queen Ingrid often wore.


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The very first daisy jewellery was a broche with 238 diamonds and 444 rose stones, made by the jeweler Carlman in Stockholm. Lund of Copenhagen later took over the production from the jeweler who made the daisy jewellery shortly after Queen Margrete's death in the year 1940. It's worth mentioning that Anton Michelsen, Volmer Bahner (Who is today produced at Lund Copenhagen) and Bernhard Hertz.

Lund Copenhagen makr beautiful daisy bracelets, daisy necklaces, daisy pendants, daisy earstuds and daisy rings with 100% genuine enamel, these enamel jewellery are made in the traditional manner, where the enamel powder is heated up in an enamel oven and then the enamel melts down into their respective pockets. This type of enamel is almost like porcelain, where as the newer brands that make enamel jewellery often have chosen to make with a type of plastic, as this is much cheaper.

The daisy jewellery collection is inspired by the original daisy Queen Ingrid often wore.