Nomination is amazing jewelry from Italy mostly known for their composable bracelets and exchangable links in all possible materials and designs. At Perlen you will find a large selection of links with gold, gems, enamel and silver. Let your fantasy create the perfect bracelet for you!

Nomination composable bracelets and links

Nomination Italy is mostly known for thier composable steel bracelets and exchangeble links. And it's no wonder. The selection of the links is huge and you can always find what suits exactly you. 

At Perlen you will find links with 18 ct gold symbols, enamel, real gemstones, silver, zirconia stones and 9 ct rose gold - whatever you could wish for!

Base bracelets come along in different colors and lengths so you have a perfect start for your new jewelry. 

If you have a young lady that is also dreaming about a piece of jewellery, check Hello Kitty links - cute cats at the best price. 
Nomination is the perfect gift for any young girl or woman in all aged.

But Nomination is not only composable bracelets. You will also find ready-to-wear bracelets, rings, necklaces and watches. 

Nomination watches deserve a special word. Not only they are modern and elegant, they also come on the same bracelet as Nomination composable base bracelet. That means that you can add Nomination links to your watches what gives you endless possibilities for creating something very special. 

Design your personal bracelet with Nomination

If there are any Nomination links or jewelry you wish for but can't find in our webshop, please feel free to send us an email with item number to and we try our best to order it for you. 
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