Nordahl Jewellery

Danish jewellery company with modern and trendy jewellery in the Nordic style, at great prices.
All the jewelery is made of either silver, gold-plated- or rosegold-plated- or oxidized silver.

Nordahl Jewellery

Are you looking for a pair of sper modern ear studs, bracelets, a necklace or a ring, but you don't want to spend a fortune? Then jewellery by Nordahl Jewellery is just the thing for you. Nordahl Jewellery is always following the latest trends in jewellery.

Nordahl Jewellery Sweets jewellery

Have you seen the new, ultra modern ear studs, necklaces, and bracelets by Nordagl Jewellery? If no, then you really should check them out, as they are currently trending both for women and girls in all ages. All Sweets jewellery is made of silver or gold plated silver, which might not sound too exciting, however, all Sweets jewellery have genuine gems - Not zirconia or any other kind of glass. No, only the proper, genuine gems, which also means that the stones can vary slightly in the colour, which only makes them more beautiful and unique.

Among others, they ude peridot, calcedon, and onyx in all Nordahl Sweets jewellery. The Sweets collection is available in 2 different sizes: 4mm and 7mm, so you can choose if you prefer a smaller or larger jewellery. 
The gems are either spherically polished or cabochon polished, which means they are flat with a round surface, with no facets.

Nordahl Jewellery materials

Nordahl Jewellery produces the most beautiful fashion jewellery at very affordable prices without sacrificing quality. All the jewellery by Nordahl, from the smallest ear studs to the fanciest necklace, are all made of the best materials in silver, gold plated silver, and oxydized silver withiut gems.

What to choose...

Nordahl Jewellery always designs their jewellery in an elegant and simple design. Many of the designs are available in various colours and materials, as there's a big difference in the look of a piece of jewellery if it's black or gold plated. A gold plating often gives a warm expression in the design, whereas an oxydization tends to be more cool. If you want something in between you can choose silver and if you want to stand out in a crowd, then rose gold plating is a good choice, as this is more rare choice.
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