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Novobeads Beads and Charms

Novobeads are my love at first sight. And I personally adore their selection of Signature crystal beads - shiny, heavy and just amazing.
These beads would exceptionally reflect in your Aperol Spritz glass during coming many summer happy hours.

I know it could be difficult to leave the category of crystal beads, but take a look at the selection of silver beads you won't regret it. Novobeads are offering a wide range of different designs from cute bumblebees to fast motocycles.
If you prefer more neutral geometric beads - the latest release would be just your cup of tea.

Speaking of regrets...
If I have any - is that I have discovered Novobeads signature bangle too late.

It has not only an amazing surface, but also the most comfortable bangle lock that is easy to use. If you are still not into bangles, discover the world on Novobeads lock for chain bracelet the way you have never locked your bracelet before. 

Natural stones, pearls, glass beads and silk wraps... I could just go on but better to see something once but hear about it 1000 times.