OHM - Charms for every personality. With the silver charms and glass beads from OHM you have got the opportunity to create a bracelet, which matches your personality.
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OHM - Charms for every person, occasion, for everyone

OHM beads have brought product revolution to the bead market and became our customers' darling. For a couple of years ago they have gone through a rebranding and went for name OHM, but no worry, it hasn't changed the quality of the beads. I would actually mean opposite, since they went OHM, their creativity and thinking out of the box have been on the highest level. Even every time we think that it's impossible to surprise us or create a bead that we have never seen before, OHM is breaking out with something so amazing, that the jaws are just dropping down. 

OHM silver charms for bracelet

Silver beads have always been a base for a charm bracelet. Wheather you are collecting flower beads or prefer animals, want to espress your inner personality, remember your loved ones or picture a very special moment of your life on the bracelet, you will find an OHM bead, that is just the right one. It's like finding THE ONE in your life. 

Heart beads and charms have always been one of the most popular designs among bead lovers, and OHM is taking it on a completely new level. Find hearts with stitches, brain shaped as a heart, Heart of Woods is an amazing almost anatomically detailed bead, that will make you shake or go for the one and only Heart Engine larger silver heart bead with moving elements. 

OHM glass beads

There have been some silence from OHM with glass beads but now they are BACK! Every new collection is offering new glass designs. From the latest let us point out light blue transparent glass beads with jellyfishes in blue, pink and red colors. It is exactly what you were missing for your sea bracelets. October collection from OHM is treating us with colorful glass beads with dots that are a re-make of older and very popular barrel glass beads. Slim glass beads is also a new word in the bead making for those who want to try something new. 

OHM silver and leather bracelets, bangles and locks. 

OHM is offering a large selection of bracelets both in light and dark silver. You will find classic bracelets with barrel lock, chain chuncky silver bracelet that you can use along with OHM locks, plain and twisted bangles. OHM bangles have a hook lock that is very easy to use, so you can always put your bangle on and off without anyone's help. The latest bracelet creation from OHM is leather whipe bracelet in different colors. These bracelets will also work for men. Wear them with OHM signature clasp or Dragon lock. 

OHM and Perlen

Here at Perlen we also have a lot of ideas, and we are happy and proud that OHM has brought some of our ideas to life and created exclusive beads that can only be purchased at Perlen. Check our My Precious Skat and My Precious Skat Too dragon silver beads, amazing Meteorite glass bead and sweet Marmelade glass bead. All beads are produced in a very limited amount and come along with a certificate. 

At Perlen you will find the largest selection of OHM beads and bracelets, that are ready to be shipped to you. Remember that we always have free delivery! 

It's impotant for us to treat our customers, that's why we are happy to have OHM Loyalty card that will always give you the 6th OHM item for free!