Pernille Corydon

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Pernille Corydon Jewelry

Pernille Corydon is born and raised in a small town Kerteminde, South Denmark. Since early childhood has she shown interest for crafts, and her talent has only become more clear. In 2007 she decides to put focus on working with jewelry and starts her journey as designer and goldsmith. All jewelry pieces are designs and hand-crafted by herself.

Pernille Corydon Daylight Collection

Pernille is finding a lot of inspiration in the nature and it's not a surprise that she has used sun symbol in her jewelry interpreted in her own recognizable way.
Daylight collection offers rings, earrings and necklace both mat silver and gold-plated silver also with a matt touch. There is absolutely no doubt that Daylight collecition is an ultimate hit among our customers.

Fashion earrings

If you have been looking for a pair (or two) of the perfect every day earrings, you can stop right now and just check the selection of Pernille Corydon earrings. Hoops and studs in elegant design and matt touch are just to fall in love with and bring everywhere the life takes to.
Pernille Corydon Jewelry - Scandinavian elegance and simplicity in its best
Finest jewelry from Pernille Corydon is inspired by Nordic nature and tends to tell a story with each piece.
It's Pernille Corydon's wish to give every woman an opportunity to express herself and her personality in the jewelry she is wearing.

All styles are available in mat silver and gold-plated matt silver.