Pernille Corydon Daylight

This Daylight collection is definitely one of the most popular in Denmark at the moment.
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Pernille Corydon Daylight

We sell at least one pair of earrings or a ring each day and it doesn't look like, that the popularity is on its way down, but only up. The simplicity and the elegance of this collection is only lovable and whats not to like? The sun has always been a pretty thing to look at, so why not have it with you on the rainy days aswell?

Daylight earrings

The Pernille Corydon Daylight earrings can be bought as ear studs, ear chains or as normal earrings, like we know them. You can also vary in size and buy all from completely small to a really pretty Pernille Corydon Daylight earrings large. And the iconic sun is of course to find on all the earrings, no matter which size or design you choose. The simplicity of these is perfect and you can wear them pretty much at any time of the day and at any occation.

Daylight ring

The Pernille Corydon rings are made in different designs, but still with the same beautiful sun as the centre. One of the great things about a ring is that a Pernille Corydon Jewellery daylight ring is adjustable. Which is a big plus! If you have a little doubt about your size, if you are a 56 or 57 for instance, the ring can be adjusted a bit. We don't recommend to adjust them a lot, because they are a bit fragile, but the fact, that you can increase or decrease the ring just a little, can help a lot if the weather is warm or cold.

The rings can be bought in different sizes, compared to the size of the sun. You can buy a Pernille Corydon Daylight small, if you want a smaller ring. If this sun is to small for you, there is a bigger version, ergo a bigger sun. The ring is an oval shape in this collection, but are you more interested in maybe a round-shaped ring, then don't go anywhere! Pernille Corydon has thought this through and made a Sunlight ring, which looks exactly like a sun, we all drew when we were young children.

Daylight necklace

Pernille Corydon Denmark has of course also made necklaces, that fits the daylight collection. They are still in the same design and matches the other jewellery with their simplicity. Here you can buy a necklace with more than just one sun, a necklace with one Pernille Corydon Daylight small sun, which is attached to the chain or a necklace, where the sun is a big pendant.
If you are looking for a whole set of jewellery, you can where both in your everyday life and for at night out, this is the collection to choose.

Pernille Corydon bracelet

These bracelets are made in silver and gold plated silver, like the rest of the collection. The style is still simple, elegant and you just want to wear the bracelet, the moment you get it. The bracelets have small suns round the whole chain.

If you think, you are still missing a piece of jewellery to your Pernille Corydon collection, you can buy one more thing - The Daylight hairclip. This hairclip is also in silver and gold plated silver and is perfect, when you just need your front hair to not get into your face. And then you don't need to use hairpins anymore.