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Sif Jakobs Jewelry

Sif Jakobs is a trained goldsmith and has created a beautiful and modern collection with completely fanatical jewelery in silver or gold plated silver all adorned with zirconia. She draws inspiration for her jewelry on trips around the world, everything is in very high quality, giving the whole design a touch of luxury. The Ellera Collection from Sif jakobs has been the most popular so far. The Collection consists of earrings, with and without stones, in beautiful colors, bracelets with white or multicolored stones and terrific rings.

Great Sif Jacobs rings

Just check out all the great rings with a plethora of zirconia and very beautiful design, they really stand out from the amount of rings. If you want a ring from the company, then the Corte rings are some of the most popular with their very simple design, where the stones sit in a row and cover the entire ring.
Many people choose several different rings and stack them side by side, providing a nice color play.

Ellera Rings. Wear them alone, wear them together, wear them however it pleases you. One thing is certain - Ellera rings are beautiful. In goldplated silver the rings are available with white, multicolored, red, pink, blue or yellow zirkonia. No matter how you choose to combine the colors on the rings, it will be certain to look good.

They are all made in 925 sterling silver with zirconia. Some of the rings are gold plated, black rhoninated and rose gold plated depending on the mood and color you want.

Fashion earrings for women

When you want to stand out a little from the crowd or if you want to put a little bling on everyday life then the earrings from Sif Jakobs are a good choice.
These earrings sparkle and shine in the sun's rays with all their elegance and good designs. Specifically, the Novara Duo Grande are absolutely marvelous as they move to yours too,

can you say pulse? And brings even more bling with you.

There is also a large selection of creoles, also called hoops, all packed with beautiful stones on the surface and some of them have also had stones inserted inside so they just shine with their owner.

Ellera pianura earrings which is depicted on the pictures above and below are some of the newest additions to the Ellera Collection, as well as the most classical. They have no stones - only a beautiful polished surface. Ellera Pianura comes in 4 sizes and comes in both silver and goldplated silver. Ellera Pianura earrings comes in both silver and goldplated silver. If you have several holes in your ears it will look great with Ellera Pianura in different sizes lined up.

Ellera earrings are on the top 5 of the most popular earrings right now. Whether you prefer the modern trendy multicolored zirkonia in your earrings or the classical white, the Ellera earrings are suitable for any occasion.

Ellera in silver with multicolored stones... To those of us who loves silver. That cool look with the modern rainbow-colored stones. The earrings come in 4 different sizes, in addition to the bracelets and rings in the Collection. Beautiful as a set, beautiful alone. The collection also comes with white stones for a more calm look.

Sif Jakob necklaces

Also see the many beautiful necklaces with pendants, all designed with great flair for what is modern right now. The necklaces are an obvious choice for both everyday and party, as they cover very broad in both shape and color. Some of the pendants are very large and put on a long necklace that goes down to life and looks really nice for a simple dress is shirt, where they bring some life into your outfit.
The necklaces from can be worn of all ages ranging from the mature woman to the younger student. They are made of silver in different surfaces such as gilded and rose gold plated, after which a wealth of zirconia is added.

Bracelets for women

Put the last dot in line with these bracelets in either leather or silver bracelets with small plates. Sif carries a very wide selection of bracelets and bracelets, all made and designed according to the latest trends in the fashion industry.
Ellera Bracelets. Maybe you know the expression tennis bracelet? A bracelet with stones all the way around. The Ellera bracelets are like that. Even the lock is hidden by stones. Comes with either white or multicolored stones. Do you enjoy when everything shines a bit more? Then put several bracelets together.

Jewelry with multicolored stones

Also Sif Jakobs is jumping on the wave with the modern jewelry, decorated with colorful zirconia in many different colors. Most often we see the colors blue, red, green and yellow, but over time they also become more daring and expand the color range.

All while we all get used to this new initiative.

In fact, I even got myself one pair, I call them my rainbow earrings and the good thing is that they just fit everything :)
Sif Jakobs is a goldsmith and has created a beautiful and modern collection with jewelry of silver and leather. It is decorated with black and white zirconia, and it possesses an elegance and rafinement that makes it suited for both everyday life and special occasions.
At Perlenodense we are happy to offer you a range of bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings from Sif Jakobs.