Sif Jakobs Ellera

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Ellera Jewelry by Sif Jakobs

Sparkling and simple - The Ellera Collection offers elegance and glam at affordable prices!
Ellera gives the opportunity to match your outfit exactly the way you want! Mix the colors to create a powerful look, or keep it simple with your favorite.

Ellera rings by Sif Jakobs

Ellera rings are available in silver and 18 kt gold plated silver and comes with stones in many, beautiful colors. 
The bestseller must be the ring with multicolored stones - a beautiful look in all the amazing colors from the rainbow! 
Maybe you are for the classic one with white stones? Or like me - pink! I absoltely love the pink stones. Feminine and cute. 
Also avaiable with blue, red and yellow zirzonia. It isnt easy to choose. Oh, and not to forget. The new 2020 model - with BLACK stones! 
Combine your rings and make it YOURS! 

Ellera earrings by Sif Jakobs

Ellera earrings are also find in silver and 18 kt gold plated silver with stones in all colors - and as something new; without any stones at all. 
The hoop range include 4 sizes  "Ellera piccolo, Ellera Medio, Ellera Grande & Ellera X-Grande"
If you have more than one ear piercing,  you might almost imagine how nice it could be with the different sizes up at the ear. 
... And then there is the new ones! Ellera Pianura - the hoops without stones. The classic ones! Also in all 4 sizes. Simply beautiful! 

Ellera bracelet by Sif Jakobs

Ellera bracelet is a "traditional Tennis bracelet"" which are the perfect bracelet for every woman! It symbolize elegance and classiness!
The design is simple and stylish, and will without problems match all your other Sif Jakobs Jewellery - Ellera or not. 

Ellers necklace - News from 2020! 
This is brand new - and it is so handsome. Half an half! Necklace with small zirconia on one site and on the other half it is a polished open chain.

Ellera ear cuffs - News from 2020! 
Decorate your ear with the fine earcuffs! They come in silver and 18 kt. gold plated silver, with multicolored or white stones and in 2 different sizes!
It looks cool, modern and amazing. Go try it yourself.