Son of Noa

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Son of Noa jewelry for men

The collection includes delicious calfskin bracelets in braided or smooth leather with steel locks for men of all ages.
They are both smart and elegant, and it doesn't always have to be black leather. Son of Noa chooses many different skin colors for their bracelets, ranging from black and gray to brown shades that go completely reddish.

Smooth skin, braided skin or genuine stones?

The choice is not so easy, but at Perlen we are happy to make an exchange. All bracelets come with a solid brushed or polished steel lock system.

Stone bracelets for men
See also the elegant stone bracelets here on Perlens side.Here, especially the black onyx bracelets that are popular, but should there be a little more eye-catching, tiger's eye is a good choice.

As something quite third, there are stone bracelets made of obsedian - it is a volcanic rock, is seems almost glassy and which forms when the liquid lava is rapidly cooled.

Remember: Measure the circumference of your wrist so that you are sure to get the bracelet the right size and add 1 cmto the length.