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Inexpensive Jewelry

Støvring Design is a manufacture, which produce modern, quality jewelry for a great price. They love to work with different design and mix materials, which are not seen every day.

The jewelry are made in silver, gold palted silver and gold. Støvring Design is a producer in Denmark, which make jewelry for all ages and both men, women and children. They cooperate with manufactors from all over the world and loves to be different. They are not affraid of mixing colors, materials and thinking jewelry in a new way. Their motto: "Jewelry is happiness".

They are of course not counted as a company, who makes cheap jewelry. They have a wide collection of jewelry and in great quality as well, which are produced in gold, silver and gold palted silver. This "inexpensive jewelry" term is more a way to describe, where they are compared to the many jewelry manufactors.

Even though it is often said, that quality and price goes hand in hand, it does not mean, that it is true every single time. When we talk jewelry it is for sure the personal value, that is most important, just as much, that it's pretty on yourself.

Is it a gold necklace, gold earrings or something else, you are looking for, Støvring Design is a great jewelry manufactor to choose, because their prices are not skyhigh even though many of the jewelry is made in gold materials. Jewelry for women can get quite expensive, when they want a pair of diamond earrings eller just earrings gold. Therefor is it always a good thing, that you can choose between different brands, where you know, that they don't have these skyhigh prices.
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Do you seek other jewelry with good prices or maybe just one earring. Then take a look at LULU Copenhagen. Here you can get plenty of single earrings at really good prices.

Mother & Child Jewelry

Are you searching for a mother child jewelry, you should definitely look at Støvring Design. They produce several varieties of Mother & Child necklaces and I think, they are doing a great try to be different from their competitors in this category. You can buy mother child bracelet and necklaces in silver, gold plated silver and gold og you can decide if you want plenty of zircons or a little fewer.
In addition to the different designs you can also choose, if your mother child pendant should be a part of the chain or as a normal pendant. The good thing about these pendants, that are a part of a chain, are, that they cannot fall off or disappear. At the same time though it is also nice, if you can clean the chain or take the pendant of, if you wanted to use the chain for another thing.

Mother child necklace is extramely popular and it's a beautiful way to celebrate the bond between a mother and her children. It is a very special way to celebrate the bond, that no one else, in the same way, can feel. Jewelry Mother Child is here to stay forever.

Children Jewelry

Støvring produce almost all jewelry for children. The selection is so pretty and you can buy children earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants and rings for children. All the jewelry are made as silver jewelry, gold jewelry and gold plated. When we first saw the selection children jewelry, there was a big "awwww" through the store. Sweet flowers, dolphins, ladybirds and lets not forget the pretty Disney Jewelry ! What an amazing selection!

At Perlenodense we sell mange children jewelry and especially earrings for kids are a big hit. Of couse should we have this cute selection on our website and store. And especially the earrings were a big musthave. 
We do, in our store, ear piercings and there are many children (or parents), who buy a pair of earrings, which they can change with, when the other ones are healed. In our store we also have bracelets for children and necklaces, so if you need a sweet set of jewelry for your child, we are always ready to help. Including in you are searching for silver hearts, which are very popular as christening gifts.

The Tree Of Life

The Tree Of Life by Støvring Design are jewelry, as we know them, but with some new interpretations and new looks, which we, here at Perlen, hasn't seen before.
This jewelry symbolizes strength and people in all ages are searching for different varieties and their personal symbol of The Tree Of Life.

Støvring Design has many variants in silver, gold and gold plated silver and we especially think, that this new interpretation with a Tree Of Life pendant, where there is a tree and a couple, that are holding hands, is such a cool and new way to think this Tree Of Life jewelry. It is not something, we have seen before.

Are you searching for Tree Of Life necklace, you wont be disappointed with Støvring Design. Often you can be so lucky, that you can buy matching earrings and in that way get a whole set. Lovely!

Have you had a look on the selection by Støvring Design and you cannot find the perfect jewelry for you, we then have other manufactors, which also make The Tree Of Life-collections. Including a Tree Of Life ring. You can find these ones here.

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