Susanne Friis Bjørner earrings

The most beautiful selection from Susanne Friis Bjørner earrings collection can be found here.
You get genuine materials and genuine gemstones and of course free shipping

Susanne Friis Bjørner earrings

Here you see all the beautiful earrings from Susanne Friis Bjørner in all the amazingly beautiful colors that are available. The jewelery from her hand is always made in the best materials such as silver or gold and with genuine jewelery stones. These include stones such as rose quartz, moonstone, pyrite, smoke quartz, amethyst, citrine and so many more. Here you will find both earrings in gold and earrings in silver, which differs slightly from other jewelery brands as they often adhere to either silver and gold plated silver or jewelry only in gold.

Gold earrings

If you are looking for a pair of new gold earrings with real gemstones, take a look at the very wide selection from Susanne Friis Bjørner. Here you will find, among other things, earrings with real diamonds, not that a diamond can be false, as in that case it would be a zircon. There are also many different sizes and colors of real freshwater pearls and cultural pearls to choose from. If you are looking for something to match your pearls, then take a look at our pearl category

Silver earrings

I think Susanne Friis Bjørner are best known for her earrings with the many beautiful jewelery stones that hang just below the ear in a hook. Most models are made of the two known materials silver or gold plated silver, with the silver being slightly cooler than the gold color, which is clearly my favorite. There are also earrings that are aimed at those who would like to wear something more eye-catching in the ears, these are again decorated with real stones, sometimes it is the same stones that hang below each other, but often she also composed some colors that are just incredibly beautiful together, which also makes them fit many more colors from your wardrobe.

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