The Rubz

The Rubz - When style meets comfort

The Rubz is a unique concept for those, who don't want to compromise, when it comes to comfort and trend.
These cool bracelets are made in Denmark and are of natural silicone and steel. You decide whether you want the steel to be silver or gold plated.
Whether you love pastels, neon colors or you are a real conservative that loves black and white, you will surely find a bracelet that will be just right for you. The exciting range might make it difficut to choose. Luckily the price is so reasonable that you can compliment yourself with a more than one bracelet.
Some of the bracelets comes in both small and medium. See them under the category "Bigger sizes" or check if you can choose a size, when putting the bracelet in your basket!
Don't miss this great opportunity to treat yourself!