True Beadz


True Beadz beads og charms

True Beadz is a Russian beads brand, designed and produced by Julia Trubitsina herself.
So you can imagine how busy Julia must be, as she prefers to do it all herself.
This includes everything from the initial design process and production of all the jewellery herself,
but also taking wonderful pictures which she posts in Instagram.

Silver beads and charms

I believe one of the reasons the silver beads by True Beadz have become famous so quickly in the beads and charms community, is that she designs sensational and different silverbeads with character.
These silver beads look apart, as they are not nearly as glossy but a bit more rustic compared to other brands.
Julia has chosen a design direction with barrelshaped beads,
which are decorated with different patterns and often also incorporates the logo into the design when it feels natural.
You should choose True Beadz because you want radiate passion and good design.

Glass Charms and beads
It's a bit of a funny story with these glass beads by True Beadz, because in the beginning when I first saw them,
I actually wasn't that fond of them.
I thought they were too irregular and with a rough surface, but sometimes you need to give things a second chance,
and then suddenly they will grow on you.
Today, I think that Julia does an amazing job with her glass and that she is very faithful to her design,
regardless of what others might say.
All glass are decorated with a beautiful silver lining with their logo and the company's name on the side,
and additionally the glass beads are available in many beautiful colours, which is something for any beadlover in the world.