Waxing Poetic Camp Charms

Buy beautiful Camp Charms pendants from Waxing Poetic here!

All Waxing Poetic charm pendants are available in fexample silver, brass and bronze and bring a unique and elegant style.

Say it with Waxing Poetic Camp Charms

These round thin smaller charm pendants are made of brass with silver details, what gives them a very special and unique touch. Multiple animals, infinity sign, tree of life and words with great menings - you will find just the right Waxing Poetic charm for your bracelet or necklace. 

What is Waxing Poetic? It a world of amazing jewellery, chamrs, earrings and bracelets in boho style. 
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Waxing Poetic - Tree of Life, silver/brass
Waxing Poetic - Starfish, silver/brass
Waxing Poetic - Dog pendant
Waxing Poetic - Bird, silver/brass
Waxing Poetic - Faith, silver/brass
Waxing Poetic - Blessed, silver/brass