X Jewellery - Rubber Links

X Rubber is a patent material created by X Jewellery specially for these links. Soft but strong these X Jewellery links are made for matching your mood. Choose classic grey for the office, pastel rose for a warm summer evening or bright red for a night out. Add silver and bronze links by X Jewellery and you are ready for whatever comes up!

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X Jewellery rubber links - Because you are the one who decides!

It all started with some classic colors... Black rubber links, blue rubber links and red rubber links. Today X Jewellery selection is presented by 20 different X rubber links in beautiful colors. Both bright and shiny and pastel colors are waiting to become a part of your new X Jewellery bracelet. 

The latest addition to the collection (and to be honest, our favourite) sunny yellow X Jewellery rubber links. It feels that you are wearing sun on your wrist and almost feel how warm and nice it is.

X Jewellery links at the best price

You can't decide what color to go with? The price of X Jewellery links is so reasonable that you can order one of each color and then decide what one you like most. We are rather sure, that you will love them all! 

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