World of Beauty Large

Beautiful glass beads made by talented glassmakers from all over the world

Welcome to the new world of beautiful and unique glass beads and charms.

The beads are created by the most talented glassmakers from all over the world.
These glass beads fit all bracelets from main brands.
Diameter of the hole is 4,3mm
Perlen offers you unique glass bead designs from the most talented artists around the world.

Most of the beads are made in limited quantity so don't wait for too long to get your favourite one. 
These glass beads are both colorful and come in different shapes and designs. What one your favourite? We can't keep admiring the cute owls. 

Are you creating glass beads and want to share them with the world? Maybe they will compliment our range? Send us an email with pictures to
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Beauty Beads - Merry Christmas, Owl
Beauty Beads - Goood Night
Beauty Beads - Lemon Dreams
Beauty Beads - Pink Lotus
Beauty Beads - Purple Lotus
Beauty Beads - Blue Floral Waves
Beauty Beads - Green Candy
Beauty Beads - Pink Dreams