Novobeads Bracelets, Lock

Welcome Novobeads silver bracelets, silk wraps and locks

Novobeads is an American bead brand that offers new solutions for composable bracelets.

Novobeads silver chain bracelets

Novobeads twisted silver bracelets come in two version: with carabin lock and as just a chain. And we just love the its braided! Beautiful twist and good weight. 

Novobeads locks

Novobeads are presenting us the whole new concept of locks for composable bracelets with two hooks on the sides. They are easy to use and just beautiful. Combine them with twisted chain bracelet - and you already have a piece of jewellery that is ready to wear. Choose among Four leaf clover, Butterfly, Shell or Leaf lock. 

Novobeads signature bracelets

If you are unsure with your fillings about bangles but would like to try them out, Novobeads signature silver bracelet is the perfect solution for you. It has the best fitures of classic charm bracelets with barrel lock but as solid as a bangle. Add a few beautiful crystal beads and get ready to shine.

Novobeads silk wraps

Want to try anything new and different? Check Novobeads silk wraps in different colors. Wear them with smaller silver charms or crystal mini charms. Or use a very special trick and wear Novobeads lock as a charm.  

We have Europe's largest selection of Novobeads bracelets, charms, beads, stoppers, locks and much more. We will ship your order to anywhere in the world for free. 
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