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OHM beads - creativity and new thinking 

OHM beads have made a revolution on the bead market. The team behind the brand has an endless energy and impressive creative thinking. Each collection is unique and offers designs that we even couldn't imagine or dream about.

New beads every month

OHM beads really broke through with their bead of the month concept when each month they present a special limited edition glass or silver bead - the real heaven for bead lovers.

OHM beads come with a new collection each months, that usually consists both of silver beads and glass beads in different colors and interesting patterns. This makes it easy to find a bead to any occasion or person. OHM beads is the perfect gift for yourself or someone you love.

OHM Slim glass beads

The latest collections have given us new slim glass beads - perfect solution for those, who think that classic glass beads take too much space on the charm bracelet but still want to add some color.

OHM Loyalty Card - receive a free bead with your purchase

You can always take advantage of OHM beads Loyalty Card offer and you will receive the 6th bead for free. Because there are never too many beads! Twice or 3 times a year OHM beads offer great promotion on retired items so you can add your favourite and rare designs to your collection for the best price ever.

OHM bracelets and bangles

OHM beads work with all major brands charms bracelet but don't hesitate, OHM also have a wide selelction of charm bracelets: both silver bracelets with clasp lock in light and dark silver and leather bracelets. And of course, our customers' darling - bangles with easy hook lock. OHM beads bangles are available in plain and twisted version both in light and dark silver.

OHM beads is the magical creative world and a big familly, OHMily, of bead lovers.

OHM exclusively for Perlen

Here at Perlen we also like to be creative, and have been lucky to design several exclusive beads in collaboration with OHM. Our My Precious collection and Monkey Business beads can only be purchased on our page and are produced in a very limited amount. Buy OHM beads at Perlen - we have the largest selection.