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Have you heard about Pandora?

We are sure you have, but if not, just take a look at it! Pandora is offering a large selection of amazing charms for your charm bracelet and there is no better way to personalize your jewelry and match it your look and mood. Combine shapes, colors and patterns the way YOU WANT to create the most unique charm bracelet.

Pandora Jewelry

Pandora’s collection is offering all possible designs you could ever think of: Pandora Disney charms, Pandora dangle charms, Pandora spacer charm, silver charms, duo tone charm, Pandora gold charms and much much more. You will find Pandora animal charms, zodiac charms, Pandora Christmas charms, charms with stones and enamel we could just go on.

Pandora’s journey from the local goldsmith shop to a world-leading jewelry brand.
It all started back in 1982  in a smaller shop in Copenhagen, where goldsmith Per Evoldsen and his wife started the exciting journey that one day will lead to Pandora that we know today. In the beginning they imported jewelry from Thailand and the demand was only growing, so they decided to recruit the first designer.
In 2000 Pandora charm bracelet concept was presented to the Danish market that was embraced by customers. Following the huge success and growing interest to Pandora Jewelry the company started to expand internationally and is now presented in more than 100 countries all over the world.

Pandora’s mission

Pandoras mission is to inspire every woman to feel creative in expressing herself by given her multiple opportunities in combining charms, bracelets, bangles, rings, earrings...

Pandora Sale

Selection of Pandora jewelry and charms is endless. To start with charms collection it’s presented with silver charms, silver with gold charms, charms with zirconia and enamel, gold charms, Pandora Rose in all possible shapes and designs. You will find exactly what you are looking for, no matter what you have in your mind. Mini Mouse Pandora charms? Easy!
Pandora dangling charms? Go for it! Explore charms for Pandora bracelet on our page!

Pandora bracelet

But Pandora is not only Pandora charms and charm bracelets. Pandora is offering a wide range of ready-to-wear jewelry that is also created the way so you can mix and match as it fits YOU. Pandora rings, earrings, studs, bangles – embrace your personality.

Pandora Disney Charms

The collection that has won a special part of customers’ hearts is Pandora Disney collection that is presenting your favourite Disney characters in silver, Pandora Rose and with lots of sparkling zirconia and colorful enamel. Pandora Mini Mouse charms and clips, Beauty and the Beast, Peter Pan and many more.

Pandora Discount

It’s not a surprise that with the collection so big, Pandora has to send a few items to retirement. Check our Pandora sale section for retired Pandora charms with great discounts. You will find really cheap Pandora charms, necklaces, bracelets and rings. As it’s Pandora clearance sale we offer you discounts up to 70%.

Enjoy and welcome to the fantastic world of Pandora!
Pandora is a symbols of everything you wish for - choose among silver charms, duo-tone charms and gold charms.

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