Pandora Zirconia

Are you also happy when it sparkles just a little bit more?
Pandora charms comes with gemstones in multiple colours.
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Pandora silver charm with stones

Add some sparkle to your bracelet with multiple designs with colorful stones. Here you will find Pandora black stones charms, Pandora charms with blue stones and lot's of charms with clear zirconia. All Pandora charms are made of sterling silver with zirconia of the highest quality. 

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Pandora - Glittering shape silver charm
Pandora - Club charm 2018 with diamond
Pandora - Red Incased in Love silver charm
Pandora - Round Pavé silver charm with many stones
Pandora - Kiss more, silver charm wil red stones
Pandora - Dazzling Snowflake charm with bright pink CZ