Christina Watches

Here you can find an easy guide on how to create your very own bracelet and watch by Christina Watches


On some bracelets, you can easily find the length and adjust the leather strap yourself. On larger watch-constructions it can be helpful with a helping hand. You receive the bracelet with a simple magnet on one of the ends. The bracelet is shortened in the other end, where the fabric is visible and the included lock is afterwards glued on here. To ensure you take into consideration the length of the lock, put the lock on the magnet as shown above.


The leather strap is cut straight with a sharp scissor in the other end, where there is no magnet.


Squeeze a drop of the included glue on the shorter end of the lock. It is the end where the "C" in "Christina" is.


Twist the end where you cut into the lock until it can go no further.


Let the lock try for 24 hours and the leather strap is ready for use.

Video guide:

In this video, you can see how to mount the T-bar on your Christina collect watch.