At Perlen vi have a large selection of jewellert for women and men. Here you will find rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings in almost all materials, from traditional silver and gold and to the newer types, such as gold plated and black rhodium plated. Some of my favourite brands are By Birdie, known for their raw style in silver with gold and champagne coloured diamonds. Also ByBiehl, who are mostly known for their new pendants with the globe and the family pendants in silver. Per Borup smells from far away of quality and design in gold with diamonds, and finally By Bram, which is a new fashion phenomenon of small, delicate bracelets in beautiful, subtle colours and their long earrings in wonderful colours.
LUNDD - Rune Ring Size 56
Julie Sandlau - Silver necklace
Julie Sandlau - Gold plated necklace
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