Here on this site, you will find a large selection of earrings and earstuds in countless combinations of materials and designs.
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Julie Sandlau - Lucy, gold plated earrings
Julie Sandlau - Grace mini hoops, silver earrings
Julie Sandlau - Grace, gold plated silver earrings
Julie Sandlau - Grace, silver earrings
Julie Sandlau - Treasure, silver earrings
Julie Sandlau - Signature, silver earrings, 12mm
Wioga - Gold plated earrings with chain, 4cm
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At Perlen you will find a large selection of earrings and studs in a number of different materials and designs

It is never difficult to give your outfit a little something extra with a pair of silver earrings or gold earrings, as earrings always will attract the eye and attract attention. Earrings have been used since ancient times, where people would adorn themselves and showed their social status through earrings, but also other jewellery and how they dressed. The same happens today, perhaps not to show your social rank, but to show what type of person you are.
Here at Perlen's webshop there are many different types and brands of earrings you can choose between, from the design of the earrings to the material they are made of as well as the actualy size of the earrings. Of course there is still some social status when wearing huge diamond studs, which just scream wealth and class.

Brands I would recommend:

Rabinovich earrings

With their very beautiful organic designs made of real silver or gold, where they almost always choose to use genuine gems. Earrings by Rabinovich are for the modern woman, who wants to stand out from the masses and be herself.

Nordahl Jewellery - Simple earrings

Nordahl Jewellery offers silver studs or gold plated earrings at amazing prices and with their very simple designs, they almost always are a hit, if you choose these earrings as a gift. Nordahl Jewellery has a large selection of heart studs, feather earrings, clover earrings, and star earrings. I would think that these earrings are for the younger audience, such as teenagers, students, and graduates, who would like to have some different jewellery to choose between, so it matches their choice of clothes and perhaps also their style, which can easily change from day to day at that age. I certainly remember this from my time as a teenager.

Lund Copenhagen daisy earrings, a real classic

One could also say, that daisy jewellery have come to stay with their timeless design and long history of how Queen Ingrid was given a daisy broche with 238 diamonds og 444 rose stones and how Queen Margaret has worn the daisy as one of her favourite jewellery. 
The daisy earrings are now made in many different sizes and colours, so if it is a daisy that fits you, no matter what gender, actually, maybe not any gender, but certainly any age, height or size.

Modern earrings by By Bram

With the colourful earrings by By Bram, you can easily get some colour in your life and are great ice breakers for a conversation about colours, wind, and weather. Especially if you are like me and can have a hard time making small talking, then it is good to find an easy topic to talk about. By bram earrings are available in many different relaly great colours and different lengths. I myself have the blue By Bram earrings, which is my favourite colour and my minimalistic wardrobe contains a lot of blue and then I also got the orange earrings, just because I think they have a nice colour.

And of course there are all the standard earrings too, which don't necesarrily come from a certain brand or at least not a famous one, and my list of brands would also be too long, if we were to include all of them. There are silver studs and gold studs including both very simple and lcassic earrings with small pearls or diamonds for the more interesting earrings with lots of colours. Earrings that hang down along the ear, earrings that move as you move. Studs filled with zirconia or diamonds that sparkle in the sun or the moon. Raw earrings in black oxidized silver with a matt or brushed surface and of course the small, simple earrings for children.