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Jewelry Trendy and fashionable

At Perlen you can browse among jewelry for every occasion for women and men. See our large selection of rings, earrings, necklaces and of course bracelets made of silver, gold or white gold. If you want to pamper yourself, we have exactly what you are looking for.

Gold or silver bracelets

Modern bracelets in silver or gold at great prices. Also, take a look at the many great bracelets we have in the webshop.
Right now it is the thin, narrow bracelets, both in gold and in silver, that are really trending.
They can be worn together or individually, some also choose to combine them with the new little pearl bracelets in many different colors to make it slightly different and more individual.

Beautiful necklaces and pendants

Are you looking for a necklace or pendant in gold or silver with or without stones, then these pages are absolutely perfect for inspiration and with many beautiful details.
Here we offer the most beautiful pendants for necklaces in many beautiful designs and materials, such as hearts, crosses, the eternally Daisy jewelry, Tree of life necklace, pearls, diamonds and many many more.

We usually associate gold jewelry with classic jewelry.
If you look after something, that can last a lifetime and may even go on to save generations.
We've put together some great examples of classic and everyday jewelry and the finest sets that we have reduced with upto 50% discount in limited quantity.
With a medallion you can have the ones you love most, very close to you. It could be your children, your boyfriend, your parents or your grandparents or maybe a good friend.
A medallion is a super fine and classic piece for all women.

Rings silver or gold

Yes, the list of rings is almost endless.
The webshop abounds with silver and gold rings, traditional types that we have known for generations, as well as more outrageous designs and of course both with and without zirconia and diamonds.
Here, a whole new world opens up with specially designed rings from our own workshop or other smaller jewelry designers. The jewelry from our own workshop can be purchased "as it is", but it is also possible to have it made from your old, maybe inherited gold that gives your ring personal meaning

Earrings and hoops

Has always been a big hit through the ages. It has always been a phenomenon that people want to decorate their bodies with jewelry in particular, and here, earrings has over millennia been a big part of the decoration.

In the beginning, it was earrings with pearls and beautiful gemstones that were in. Later it developed to use precious metals for earrings such as brass, silver and of course gold.
Today it is still in to decorate your ears with jewelry for every occasion and the selection of great designs is huge.
Simple look or sophisticated?
Check out our shop and see if there should be a couple that suits your taste. Studs shaped like a knot, with small sparkling zirconia.

Super nice earrings for a night out, but also for everyday to spice up the outfit a bit.

Jewelry Brands

As some of my favorite brands I want to mention By Birdie, which are characterized by their raw style in silver with gold and champagne colored diamonds. Or Enamel Copenhagen, who made the whole globe as a pendant and which most people probably know, but also the family pendants in silver.

Now they have come up with a new serie in which they plant a tree for each piece sold.

Per Borup, which smells far away from quality and design in gold with diamonds. Finally, Pernille Corydon is a new fashion phenomenon with small fine bracelets in beautifully matched colors and their long brushstrokes in stunning colors.
Another really nice brand design is Nordahl Jewelery, which offers rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets at some really good prices, everything is made of genuine silver.