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Gifts for children

The piggy bank. If you are going to have a baby baptism or a naming party and you don´t know what kind of gift to give, then I can help you!
Here on the page I have many obvious gifts for this occasion, the most popular of the time is the piggy bank, which is found in silver plated or tinned.
The tinned version does not oxidate and shall not be polished, but is a bit more gray in color.
Always remember to put a small coin in the Money bank before you give it away, otherwise it will not hold on the money.
Get your gift engraved by us. See here

The dagmar cross

Another popular item is the dagmar cross, which also is used in occasions such as baptism, but also in confirmation. It is a very well-known tradition in Denmark to give this as a gift and has been for many years.
At my own baptism I got a necklace with a heart in it. At my confirmation I then got a dagmar cross pendant and luckily not a new chain, but only the pendant. I wanted to wear both pendants together and not separate.
That is one of the good things about the dagmar cross. You don't have to buy a dagmar cross necklace, if you already have one.
The danish dagmar cross has developed itself in many varieties. And as a dealer of the dagmar cross, we can provide all variaties from dagmar cross with greek letters to just the holy cross of dagmar.

This gift can of course also be engraved by us!

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