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Hoop earrings silver

Check out our range of Creol earrings from many famous brands and in different sizes here in the webshop.
Here you will find everything from the very small fine round earrings, to very huge hoops, that catches the eyes of the others in the office or when you are going out.

If you are looking for the perfect earrings that fill a little but are not overly flashy, then creoles are a good choice.
We sell many well-known round to put in the ears in silver, gold plated silver and gold in many different sizes and thicknesses and with or without zirconia.

Hoops earrings

In fact, I think this type of earring has always been fashionable and a piece of jewelry that has adorned millions of women over time. If you look at old pictures and Viking finds, the women have always adorned themselves with jewelry.
This is especially in the ears, where is always has been in full view and it is easy to show its status.
Well, it is not so much in the ears that woman shows her status today, but I think, that it is very beautiful when I see a pair of exclusive earrings. Some hoops gleams with beautiful design and good materials.
This just makes a beautiful woman, a bit more beautiful :)
Decorate with gold creoles or silver creols and stay in the latest fashion.