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Jewellery Campaign

Uh! Inexpensive jewellery. That's sweet music to my ears. And then in great quality - even better!

Here at Perlenodense we do different kind of campaigns with percentages on our beautiful jewellery. In these campaigns you get the best offers and we always aim at giving the best discount on the jewellery and do a variation, so it's not just the same stuff, that comes on sale everytime.
You can see the campaigns on our homepage, but also in our newsletter, which we send out several times a week. As fast as our campaign offers are ongoing, just as fast are they again over, so be quick, before the offer runs out. However we do remember to write, how long the offer lasts.

Haven't subscribed?
Then hurry to our website and do it! 
You are so lucky, that you get a discount on 10 % on your first order. And who doesn't like a discount on pretty jewellery, when you have the opportunity? 
Who knows? Maybe it's just your dream jewellery, that has the discounts and it would really be a shame, if you missed it! You always get free delivery.

Our newsletter is also perfect for inspiration for a birthday gift, christmas gift, confirmation gift or something else. Just click on the different products in the newsletter and get directly to the product or in the category, where you see the whole collection and the discounts.

Jewellery Online

On our online shop you can find almost any jewellery in all shapes, colors, designs, looks and so on. In our "Jewellery campaign" category, you always find the jewellery, that are on discount or are sold together. This is especially different charms and the Christina Watches products.

Christina Watches has combined the world of watches and jewellery and has made whole set of it. These jewellery are sold as campaigns, where you get all the things you need in one buy. After this it's only the imagination that sets the limit. You can make your Christina Watches leatherbracelet so personal, that you are the only one in the whole world, who has just this one. 

We will say, that it's actually the perfect gift for the woman or girl, who has everything. Remember, we have free shipping.

If you don't want to see the jewellery just on pictures on the internet, you are more than welcome to stop by our shop in Odense. Then you can really feel the real jewellery in your hands.

We are always ready to help you with pretty much anything and if you have a question, you can call us or write us an email.