Children's Jewelry

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Jewelry for kids

A jewelry is often a reminder of a very special event, and therefore it has been obvious for generations to give it to even the smallest kids in the family.
It is found and carried on special occasions, and how many other gifts end up in the recycling shop after a while, it does not happen for a piece of jewelry.

It is long-lasting.

Here in our store it happens that we have some customers up in the years, who still wear the jewelry they received at their christening.
Here you will find a large selection of jewelry for children, they are all child friendly and made in 925 sterling silver or gold.

Dagmar cross for Baptism or Confirmation

The first Dagmarkors were found in 1683 at Queen Dagmar's grave in St. Bendt's Church in Ringsted.
This cross was a relatively large cross, adorned with the most beautiful enamel work in many colors.
Today the Dagmar cross is made in silver, gold plated silver and gold and in many different versions and sizes.

And now that we are at the story of Queen Dagmar, the young royal bride, who came to the country to marry Valdemar Sejr and who died quite young.
If you come to Ribe one day, her statue stands on Riberhus Slotsbanke.

Children earrings

At Perlen you must be seven years old to get holes shot in the ears.
Even if smaller children desires to get them made, it can be a great experience to get it done and not always so funny.
It also happens that we only shoot a hole in one ear because the child gets so upset.
Then they come back another day, and get the last hole made. Fortunately, this happens very rarely.

I would recommend choosing some smaller earrings for children and some that are not too high, as they can be irritating to wear when lying on the pillow and they are going to sleep.
Changing the earrings of a toddler can also be a little tricky as they have a little trouble sitting still.
Earrings that do not hang too much are also a good choice, as the risk of getting stuck, when the shirt is pulled over the head is significantly smaller.
At the time the most popular earpieces in our shop are the horse earrings in silver, but let your child look with you here on the page.
They probably know what it is they want in their ears.

Necklaces for children

A small fine necklace for a child is also a hit,
and there are so many great ones to choose from with cute little ladybugs and heart pendants with enamel.
Small baby pendants with necklaces are also a big hit among children.

Children bracelet

Little girls want to look like their mother, so some thin children's bracelets with pendants or charms are very modern.
Choose between bracelets with hearts, crossea or anchors, faith, hope and love, but also small red ladybugs and teddy bears.