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Gold or silver necklace

At Perlen we carry a very wide selection of necklaces and pendants to virtually all types of women from the very feminine look to the more raw and daring.
So if you are looking for a new necklace, you have landed in the perfect online shop.
Here we offer a large selection of necklaces with pendants in many different materials, among these:  silver, goldplated silver, and gold, but also enamel jewellery is something which again is on the rise. So if you want to cover your body with a small heart pendant, write your name in letters, or wear a daisy jewelry, you have come to the right place.

Classic necklaces

In this category I want to highlight the necklaces with pendants from Joanli Nor, all made in 925 sterling silver with zirconia. With their very fine, thin and simple design they hit the spot. Also, Sif Jakobs are very simple in their expression. They are also made of sterling silver, but here there are a few more zirconia sprinkled over the pendants, so they get an extra pift.
As something new from Christina Jewelery I want to mention the chic jewelry pendants, all in silver or gold plated silver with genuine topazes and really beautiful designs.

Right now you are saving 10% on all Christina jewelry.

Modern jewelry at great prices

The last fashion in jewelry is to wear the entire globe, the world, the earth, around his neck like a round or flat pendant in a fine chain.
Here I can mention the brand ByBiehl, which with their "World Collection" is very popular. It is also this company that stands behind the family jewelry and tree of life.
All of these designs are really very popular at the moment.
There are also the silver jewelry from Nordahl, where new designs constantly are being added, and we are following them closely.

So take a look at our page on a regular basis to find out about the latest trends. We also have very good and fair prices.

Raw necklaces for the woman who dare!

Are you tired of all the shiny silver and zirconia, then check out the very delicious pendants from By Birdie.
This is a raw style that is rarely seen elsewhere.
Everything is made of oxidized silver, shined up and embellished with gold in just the right way, and afterwards there are with round hand, sprinkled champagne-colored diamonds on top of the jewelry.

Another brand that can also withstand a little closer look in this category, is Waxing Poetic, which is a little less shiny in the term. It's a very conscious choice, says the two women behind the brand.

They want to give their designs a little lighter expression. There jewelry is made in sterling silver with brass and zirconia.

Gold necklaces

If you are more into gold, we also have hundreds of different gold pieces in all price categories and categories.
And guess what our best seller is?
Right. These are gold hearts , and they are also to be found here on the site. We have an even very large selection of small and large heart pendants in gold with or without zirconia.
Others are also popular, so take a look at Per Borup, it is Danish design and quality of exceptional quality. All Perlen jewelry is manufactured in Denmark at their own workshop also in Denmark.
So welcome to and be surprised at how many delicious jewelry we have in the shop.
A small fine heart pendant, a beautiful flower pendant, a fine medallion, a pearl pendant, letters or if you want to adorn yourself with a daisy, then you have come to the right page.