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Pearl Jewelry

Surf between jewelry with baroque pearls, freshwater pearls, saltwater pearls and tahitian pearls.
Jewelry with pearls
See the great selection of classic pearl jewelry and become wiser about creation, as well as how to best care for your pearl jewelry and thereby extend the life of them.

All types has always been very popular and in recent times interest has grown. In particular, it is seen that young girls are falling in love with pearls. Perhaps this is because the younger generation has caught the eye of the fine details - regardless of shape and color.

Become wiser on pearls

Have you ever thought about how to create a genuine pearl?
When a clam opens for food, a grain of sand may come in, which will irritate the clam's sheath tissue.
It makes it start by producing mother of pearl around the small grain of sand, to encapsulate it.
Once it has produced hundreds of layers, there is a fine natural pearl hidden inside the clam.
This type of pearls are very precious as it is created solely by nature.

How to create a pearl

However, most pearls today are created by the collaboration between man and nature. Here they implements a piece of tissue in the clam, which is then covered by mother of pearl produced by the clam.
When you help the pearl on its way, you can also decide what shape the pearl should have when it is finished.
Therefore, you can get round, oval and heart shaped pearls.

The longer a mussel is allowed to hang and work on the pearl, the more powerful mother og pearl comes around the pearl. The higher the quality of the pearl is when it  somes out, it will shine beautifully around your neck.
A pearl that is helped by man is called a cultural pearl.

Today we know about freshwater pearls, saltwater pearls, tahitian pearls and so on.
A pearl can have all colors except all black.

Fact: A genuine pearl can live up to 150 years, if you take good care of it.