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Rings Danish Design

A ring is part of your hand and of you, telling others who you are too.

We have a ring for all kinds of fingers and their owners ladies. We are capable of delivering all kinds of rings to all kinds of fingers.
Classic, fun, simple, silver, gold, special, rings with stones or without, with moon stones, diamonds, zirconia, rubies, pearls or completely different stones.
Believe me, we are capable of delivery in all types of rings - yes, I will go almost as far as to say, that we have a ring for all types of fingers and their owner-women.
And if it turns out I'm wrong and you can't find the RING to sit on your finger, then you are always welcome to contact us.
Then we design a ring for you at our workshop so that it will be perfect and right for your desires.

What should I give as a gift?

It is always something very special to get a ring from someone you love because a ring also has a great symbolic meaning.
A ring as a gift is given away in connection with major events such as confirmation, student parties, round birthdays and of course the very big moment when your caretaker falls to his knees and asks, whether you should get married and live happily together for the end of your day.
At a later date, wedding rings should be chosen, which both likes, and here maybe the relationship comes on its first try, not to mention the planning of the wedding party.

Then both must be given and take.

Years later, you must also remember the wedding data, and on such a day there may be a small piece of jewelry as a morning gift on the tray next to the coffee cup.

Unfortunately, I have to admit that I have never - and yes, I really never, ever - been given a ring as a gift.
Maybe it is related to my profession that I am an educated jeweler and that my father was also a jeweler.
All my life I have had the little rings I could think of, and if I wanted anything else, I went at work myself. As a child, I sat in the workshop next to my father and built jewelry in wax.
After casting, I went on with the file, the soldering and the polisher, and made my very own jewelry.

There are an incredible number of rings available. The best-selling rings at Perlen in Odense are the classic and simple rings in silver, which virtually everyone likes.
Sometimes they have a little zirconia or pearl that just peppers the rings up a bit, other times there comes a little heart on or infinity sign, which is also incredibly popular.

Of course, there are also rings that have a more raw look, where the designer has chosen to oxidize the rings on a brushed or hammered surface to then adorn them with some gold and real gemstones or diamonds.
These rings are among my favorites, and that is a good reason.
Here it doesn't matter if the jewelry gets a little scratch or I'm going to bump it hard against something.

Are you looking for a new silver ring and you can't just overlook our very large selection here, you are of course also welcome to contact us on phone 0045-66114210. Then our very sweet staff will help and guide you to just the ring that best suits you.

To make it easier to search the webshop, I have placed a search function at the top of the category, where you will find everything sorted by type of stone or stone color.

Gold rings in 8 or 14ct gold

Gold is almost an entire chapter for itself, because there are so many different kinds and designs.
Again, there are the plain thin and simple gold rings with glossy surfaces, where they are either embellished with a small stone or a pearl.
Some choose a ring in a combination of white gold and red gold. It provides a nice contrast as the different colors either accentuate or diminish the fine detail of the ring. Should it be extra nice, diamonds are just the thing.

Is the choice between a gold ring with a few diamonds sprinkled on it or a ring with a single large diamond. Here, our customers often choose a one-piece ring also called a princess ring - a classicer in white gold with a diamond.
The princess ring is the best-selling ring in gold, and yes, it is just always beautiful and modern, even in 50 years, when you remember the special event.

These are also incredibly nice next to an alliance ring in red or white gold. This combination of two side by side gives a little more to the finger.
If your princess has too many rings, it is an obvious opportunity to put an extra diamond or two in the alliance.

It just makes it even more beautiful.

Special designed rings

Are you still confused about which ring to choose, or do you have a specific ring design in your head, which you will not find anywhere, you can always have a ring designed in our workshop.
Our jeweler helps you find the best solution and you have some old gold or diamonds lying at home in the drawer, feel free to bring it with you.

With us you can freely wish from the liver exactly what you want.

There's nothing we can't do.

Over the years, the jewelery workshop has produced many very beautiful rings based on our customers' wishes.